The 2nd UNESCO Mobile Learning Week in Paris, February 18th to 19th

The 2nd UNESCO Mobile Learning Week in Paris, February 18th to 19th

Professor Yamaguchi and Yew Siang Poong (M2) participated in the 2nd UNESCO Mobile Learning Week at UNESCO Headquarter in Paris. Both the professor and student co-presented in the Mobile Learning for Education Quality session on title: “Mobile Learning Readiness to Promote World Heritage Site Literacy: Case of Luang Prabang, Lao PDR”.

This presentation aims to increase the understanding of mobile learning readiness in an effort to ensure sustainable use among the target users. In 2008, UNESCO called for promoting local community awareness to achieve preservation of Luang Prabang World Heritage Site, along with its development. With over 65% mobile subscribers, mobile phone is identified as an ideal option to increase literacy of World Heritage Site preservation awareness in the local community. Based on quantitative and qualitative data collected from the local site, the following questions are explored:

  1. What is the state of current mobile phone ownership profile and mobile phone use behavior among the young adults?
  2. How does local community’s perception influence the initiative of introducing mobile learning?
  3. What are the possible factors learnt for the requirements of sustainable mobile learning implementation in a least developed country?

The experience learnt from the field data could suggest insight on mobile learning development in informal learning context. Practitioners would find this presentation useful as a preparation for mobile application development. Also, policy makers are expected to obtain vital knowledge to promote mobile learning in countries with similar context.

The presentation had gained some attention from teachers, practitioners, and researchers of different field. Also, valuable contacts and networks were built during on the site.

Full program of UNESCO Mobile Learning Week can be downloaded here: [download id=”51″]

Presentation slides can be downloaded here: [download id=”52″]

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