Professor Aizawa visited Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia for a lecture

The former president of the Tokyo Tech, Professor Masuo Aizawa who currently is the counselor to the President  of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST),  was invited  to conduct a lecture on 19th September at the National University in Mongolia, and a number of policy makers and professors attended. This lecture event was brought about the fervent wish of the Ministry of Education in Mongolia.  Professor Aizawa made a speech entitled “Science & Technology and Innovation Initiatives for Shaping the Future” to share his vision on the education and technology in the future.  Professor Yamaguchi played an important role to bridge between Professor Aizawa and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of Mongolia, and assisted event details with Dr. Yamamoto and Ms. Orgilmaa.

Prof.Aizawa offering lecture in Mongolia State University of Education

Although giving a lecture was the primary purpose of Professor Aizawa, he and the Tokyo Tech team (Professor Yamaguchi, Professor Takada, and Dr. Yamamoto) had a very busy, but productive days prior to the lecture.  Professor Aizawa and the Tokyo Tech team had several meetings at the local offices.  First, Professor Aizawa and the team visited the JICA Mongolian office and met with Mr. Kato, Mr. Iwai, and Ms. Imayoshi, and discussed various topics on the Mongolian future, including economics, industries, culture, and education.

Professor Aizawa and the Tokyo Tech team also had a meeting with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Mr. Shimizu, at the embassy of Japan in Mongolia.  Mr. Shimizu has been working on Mongolia over 40 years.  He shared his strong passion to improve education in Mongolia.

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