The 25th Japan Society for International Development Annual Conference in Chiba University(November 29th – November 30th, 2014)

In this autumn semester, Yamaguchi-Takada lab members participated in the 25th Japan Society for International Development (JASID) conference at Chiba University, and presented the status of research being done as part of the education interventions the lab is leading in Mongolia and Laos. Two lab members presented in poster session for this conference. Yukiko Yamamoto, the researcher from Yamaguchi laboratory also presented her research in JASID this time.

Sakanashi Natsuko (M2) made a poster presentation “Development and sustainable management of the construction authorization database for World Heritage Site: Case of Department of Luang Prabang, Lao P.D.R.”. She reported her research status of construction authorization database, focusing on the analysis of difficulties in database utilization, improvements made on user interface and as well as evaluation on the effectiveness of the improvement. She emphasized the importance of easy to use user interface in reducing data inputting time.

Sakanashi Natsuko presenting at JASID 25th Autumn Conference


Li Shengru (M1) made a poster presentation “Understanding factors affecting primary school teachers’ use of ICT for student-centered learning in Mongolia”. He introduced the framework for understanding and identifying factors affecting teachers’ educational use of ICT, and presented the results of the survey data on teachers’ perception on the factors affecting their use of ICT for student-centered learning. He found out that Mongolian primary school teachers perceive teacher level endogenous factors (internal factors related to teachers) are more affecting factors than teachers’ gender and age for example.

Li Shengru (M2) presenting at JASID 25th Autumn Conference
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