Yamaguchi Laboratory Members Presented at CIES 2015 Annual Conference

Yamaguchi-Takada lab members Prof. Yume Yamaguchi, Prof. Sukhbaatar, researcher Dr.Yukiko Yamamoto, graduate student Mr. Shengru Li and master graduate Ms. Oyun Tsogtsaikhan attended the CIES (Comparative and International Education Society) annual conference in Washington D.C, from March 8th ~ 13th, 2015.

This time CIES conference has the theme of “Imagining a humanist education globally” with over 3000 participants and experts all around the world.

All laboratory members at CIES

There were a total of around 720 sessions featuring topics including ICT4D ( ICT for Development), higher education to regional comparative education advancements and etc. Our team were featured in three sessions described in detail below.

Specifically, Prof.Yume Yamaguchi and Prof. Sukhbaatar presented the topic “Revisiting Development Goals: Achievements, unintended consequences, impacts and lessons learned” in “Higher education, governance, and leadership in post-Socialist states” session. During the discussion, both professors received the question about the challenges that Mongolian government faces in the pace of transforming the higher education. They explained how the expansion of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) may impose pressure on limited resources of the HEIs and the city where the institutes are situated.

Prof. Sukhbaatar and Prof. Yamaguchi presenting Mongolian Higher Education

Dr.Yuki Yamamoto presented the topic “Factors on Teacher’s Self-efficacy in Mongolia: A Quality Assurance for the ICT-Integrated Education” in session “Effectively harnessing technology for improved teacher professional development – Evidence from Rwanda and Mongolia”. The audiences raised an interesting question about the causality of teachers’ self-efficacy and teachers’. Yamamoto raised this question as her further step of research, and we are looking forward to find out the answer in Mongolian context.

Dr. Yamamoto presenting topic on self-efficacy among Mongolian primary school teachers

Li Shengru presented the topic”Understanding factors affecting primary school teachers use of ICT for student-centered education in Mongolia”, Oyun Tsogtsaikhan presented the topic “Factors affecting the ICT Integration of primary school teachers in Mongolia” in session “ICTs in primary education”. Li discussed whether teachers’ beliefs are more important than infrastructure and other factors, and he received the question on the causality between teachers’ beliefs and practises. Li stated that teachers’ beliefs are more important than others based on teachers’ self-review. Oyun presented the final results of her research topic and discussed about the factors affecting ICT integration scales of primary teachers in Mongolia. She received the question about the findings that contradicts with the current literature and explain more about that.

Li and Oyun presenting their research

Our team members also participated in an interesting sessions on “SIG Highlighted Session: Innovations in ICT for development”. This session closely looked at how ICT is transforming the way of teaching, introduced the “flipped” teaching pedagogy where teachers become facilitators, shared cases about using social media (Blog) to amplify the voice of children which successfully raised fund and awareness for world hunger programme.

Researcher presenting how ICT is changing the way teachers teach
ICT for Development in education sector for developing countries is an emerging research area

All the team members successfully presented their research topics and updated with the latest research areas happening in comparative education field.

Next year CIES 2016 will be held on Vancouver, Canada.

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