Monitoring mission in Bayankhongor province, Mongolia


  1. Duration:
    • September 14-17, 2014
  2. Location:
    • Bayankhongor province
  3. Bayankhongor province:
    • Project counterpart in southern region
    • Nomgon pilot school in province capital Bayankhongor city
    • 642 km, 10 hours car drive from Ulaanbaatar

Fieldwork Objectives

  1. To evaluate digital teacher training materials in 6 subjects;
  2. To provide technical and pedagogical support to teachers for improving the digital teacher training materials;
  3. To provide ICT equipment for Nomgon pilot school.


  1. Local team: Ms. (Education and Culture Department Director), Ms.Dolgorsuren (Education and Culture Department methodologist), Mr.Jambaa (Education and Culture Department methodologist) and 50 local primary school teachers.
  2. MSUE professional team: Prof. Jadambaa, Prof…….
  3. Tokyo Tech team: Prof. Yamaguchi, Prof. Takada, Ms. Orgilmaa, Dr. Yamamoto, Li, Oyun and Narangerel.

Please see the mission photo gallery below:

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