Lim, Fatemeh&Uemura joined Yamaguchi&Takada Lab

The Yamaguchi-Takada lab welcomes three new members. When cherry blossoms are in full bloom, we welcomed a researcher student, Lim and two first-year masters students (M1), Fatemeh and Uemura.

With the cherry trees(10 April 2017) Leftmost: Lim, the second of left: Fatemeh, the second of right: Uemura


Here are the profiles of our three new members:

Name:Fatemeh Hassani

Grade:First-year Masters Student(M1)

Origin:Tehran, Iran

Hobby:Painting, photography, calligraphy, flower arrangement

Reason for choosing this laboratory

I wanted to combine my core engineering background with interest in the social aspect of it and wanted to challenge my approach to problem-solving in developing countries.

This is a place to invest in my education and push myself to become a better future leader in this highly fluid world.

First Impression of this laboratory

Very friendly laboratory

Aim in this laboratory

Gain new perspectives, and strengthen my leadership skills.

Name:LIM Vicheth

Grade:Research Student

Origin:Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hobby:Playing Badminton, Swimming, Watching Movies, Travelling, Reading Books.

Reason for choosing this laboratory

I had learn Management of Information System for 4 years and Management for 2 years, so i want to develop my country social with information system it is why i decided to choosing this laboratory.

first impression of this laboratory

All members in lab are very friendly.

Aim in this laboratory

Make what i think to be come a result.

Name: Itsuki Uemura

Grade: First-year Masters Student(M1)

Origin: Kagawa, Japan

Hobby: reading books, playing sports, climbing mountains, visiting shrines and so on.

Reason for choosing this laboratory

I’ve studied about mechanical engineering for 7 years. Moreover, aside from school, I’m learned international cooperation and development by attending international events such as JICA, NGO and so on. therefore, I thought that I wanted to research for the good of society.That’s why I chose Yamaguchi-Takada lab.

first impression of this laboratory

It’s very comfortable because lab members are friendly and kind.

Aim in this laboratory

To be able to guess the world’s future deeply.

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