Head of Mongolian Project Implementation Unit (PIU)


We have started our collaboration with Prof. Yume in 1993 when I was working as the Vice Minister of Education and Science of Mongolia. Since that time, it is almost 25 years we are collaborating and implementing various education projects including the Education sector Master Plan of Mongolia, Capacity development for the Education sector reform in Mongolia, UNESCO project “Dzud”, “ICT in education” project and next JICA funded “Sustainable use of ICT for improving the quality of primary education in Mongolia” project. Our continues collaboration resulted with many great successes and developments in the education sector of Mongolia. As Mongolians say “Oldest friend is best friend”, I am the most old counterpart of Prof. Yume and very proud of being partner of this category.
Wish all the success and best to the team members.




Professor at MSUE
Head, MSUE Professional Team


Academic Background

  • PhD in Mathematic science, 1977, Praha, Check Republic
  • Bachelor Degree in Science of Mathematics, National University of Mongolia, Mongolia 1969

Work Experience

  • MSUE, Project implementation unit, 2015-2017
  • MSUE, Post graduate Department, 2000-2010
  • MSUE, Teacher training institute,1995-2000
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia, 1992-1995 Vice Minister,
  • MSUE, 1991-1992
    Vice Rector
  • MSUE Khovd Aimag branch. 1979-1991.
  • National University of Mongolia, 196









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