Luvsandash Orgilmaa

Project Cordinator


Our close collaboration with Prof. Yume Yamaguchi started in 2004 when we co-implemented the UNESCO project “Dzud”. Tokyo Institute of technology was a part of this project as an advisory team and I have had a great opportunity to collaborate with the Tokyo Tech team for contributing the intellectual investment to the Mongolian education system development.
Our collaboration has continued to the next JICA funded “Sustainable use of ICT for improving the quality of primary education in Mongolia” project and we have completed the project implementation with a great success and I am personally very happy to be a part of such intelligent team.
Wish all the success and best to the team members


Shopping, movies, books, dining and gardening


National Project Coordinator for JICA Grassroots project “Sustainable use of ICT for improving the quality of primary education in Mongolia”


l.orgilmaa at

Academic Background

  • Master of Educational Studies, 2009, Mongolian State University of Education, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • International Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Planning and Management, 2002, International Institute for Educational Planning, UNESCO, Paris, France.
  • Bachelor Degree in Science of Biology and Chemistry, National University of Irkutsk, Russia, 1986

Work Experience

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, May 2012-Feb, 2017 National Project Coordinator for JICA funded project,
  • UNESCO Office Beijing, Mongolia Project Office, Dec 2003-May, 2012 National Project Assistant
  • Ministry of Science, Technology, Education, and Culture of Mongolia. Sep 2002-Dec 2003.
    Officer, Secondary Education Department (EFA and NFE)
  • Ministry of Enlightenment of Mongolia, Apr 1998-Sep 2002. Officer, External Cooperation Division









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