Application of drone for riverbank monitoring activities

In order to meet the urgent need of effective monitoring of riverbank landscape in Luang Prabang, fieldwork in Luang Prabang under cooperation of local government has been taking place to identify for riverbank landscape visualization tools. As a result, drone has been identified as an appropriate visualization tool to record riverbank landscape. After that, landscape analysis of 1.5 km of protected zone along Mekong river is performed to develop the baseline data using the visualization data and a landscape evaluation tool. The analysis clarifies the gaps between current conditions and ideal situations suggested in local regulation. To cope with the gaps, potential measurements and needs were formulated for future riverbank landscape preservation activity.

Aerial photo along riverbank
Aerial photo along riverbank

Thesis Downloads

  1. Master thesis on riverbank monitoirng using drone (March 2017)
  2. Master thesis presentation on riverbank monitoring using drone (March 2017)
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