JICA project on Mongolian newspaper, 2017

The 5-year JICA grassroots project “Sustainable use of ICT for improving the quality of primary education in Mongolia” from 2012 to 2017 is successfully finished with positive impact on development of capacities for primary school teachers in Mongolia to use, create, and integrate ICT for professional development and into their teaching. The success drew attention from two national newspaper in Mongolia: Mongolian News and Century News, with both newspaper publishing special column for this project.

Mongolian News named “The wave of ICT use in the teaching and learning process has been started successfully” as the title of news for covering the project information. The news was published on 13 January, 2017. It first introduced the main objective of this project, which is to improve the teaching and learning quality via supporting the student-centered approach. The paper referred to Prof. Yamaguchi’s speech, “When we started this project in 2012, I clearly remember that JICA expert, Mr. Iwai, mentioned, this will be a big wave throughout Mongolia. Today, I trust, we, project members, teacher, school principals, methodologist, ECD experts, all created a big wave of ICT integration into teaching and learning.”, also “Knowing the hardship educators had experienced during early 1990s – shortage of everything at school – this is like a dream after a quarter of century to see teachers’ creative involvement in creating high-quality teacher training materials in different regions of Mongolia”. The news also covered speech by Prof. Kh. Tamir, the Vice-Reactor of the MNUE: “The specific of this project was to provide an opportunity to all school teachers to study and learn the digital training materials developed by the local school teachers which made very specific approach of learning process”. At the end, the news expressed gratitude to the contribution from Prof. Yamaguchi.

Mongolian News coverage on project

Figure 1: Mongolian News coverage on project

Century News also accommodated a special page for the project. It introduced the project title, briefly introduced the projet background such as starting and ending date, project acitivites in chronological order, as well as comment from project team members, plus comments from the representative of counterpart aimag project team.

Century News coverage on project

Figure 2: Century News coverage on project

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