Farewell party for Yew Siang Poong

Yew Siang Poong, who graduated from his Ph.D study in 2016 and served as the researcher in Yamaguchi-Takada laboratory until the end of February, 2017 will leave Japan to Malaysia and join Multimedia University from March, 2017.

Poong Farewell
Farewell part for Poong Yew Siang

Yew Siang has been working and conducting research on the world heritage protection in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR for 6 years. During the time, he created mobile applications for promoting world heritage protection awareness and conducted study on world heritage protection motivation. He has published multiple journal papers and presented in academic conferences during his study and work in the lab.

To celebrate his success and wish for the best for his career and life, the lab held a farewell party for Yew Siang. Yew Siang expressed that the 6 years in Yamaguchi-Takada laboratory was definitely one of the most important and memoriable experience he has experienced, and expressed gratitudes to Prof. Yamaguchi, Prof. Takada, secretary Ando-san, current students and alumni for being able to share this exciting journey in Yamaguchi-Takada laboratory. He has also emphasized the unique and in-depth culture experience about Japan, which had greatly enriched his life experience and widely broadened his understanding and friendship with Japan and the people here.

The professors, students, secretary and alumni wish all the best and success of his future life and career. The laboratory wish to hear from Yew Siang Poong again in the near future.

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