Ohya’s internship at UNESCO

Ohya took an internship at Assessment, Information Systems, Monitoring and Statistics (AIMS) Unit in UNESCO Bangkok Office between September 12, 2016 and January 13, 2017. AIMS is the regional office of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) which provides UNESCO member states and the international communities with policy-relevant, timely, and reliable statistics related education, science and technology, culture and communication.

Ohya 1
Photo with AIMS members

During the internship, he was assigned the following tasks:

  1. Preparation for APMED conference

From November 16-18, the 2nd Asia-Pacific Meeting on Education 2030 (APMED II) was held in Bangkok. The topics discussed in the conference were key priorities, milestones, and actions needed and to be followed up for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 4. Ohya prepared factsheets of each Target of SDG4

Factsheets were distributed to all the participants in APMED II. Factsheets were composed of four parts: 1) Definition of SDG target; 2) Regional and Sub-regional Overview; 3) Lessons Learned and the Way Forward; and 4) Global and Regional Documents Linked to Target. Among those sections, Ohya and his colleagues especially involved in part 2 (refer to “Factsheets: SDG4 Targets”: http://www.unescobkk.org/education/education-2030/2nd-apmed2030/apmed2030-ii-meeting-documents/).

  1. Assist supervisors through doing any additional tasks

In addition to the above roles, Ohya did additional tasks which were assigned by supervisors as follows:

・Preparation for the workshop

・Preparation for the National Training on Statistics

・Report writing “Educational Pathways and Inequality”

He emphasized that he gained the following skills from his 4 months-internship:

  1. Analytical skills

Through the internship, he could experience a series of data analysis, including data selection (download appropriate data from the UIS data center, etc), data cleaning, visualization of data, and interpretation. He improved the skills which are required for the above process. He stated that data-based or evidence-based thinking is essential in terms of persuasiveness to other people in any working environment.

  1. Collaboration skills with person who have different background

He gained a skill to cooperate with people with different background. Especially, he learned the importance of “close communication” and “taking ownership”. He said that close communication with team members is necessary to success in business. Further, take ownership is also essential for proceeding with projects. He said this experience was precious for his future career.

In addition to the internship, he was satisfied with his life in Thailand. He often spent time for traveling on weekends. He could widen his view, expand his network, and touch different culture and history during the stay.

Ohya 2
Trip to Ayutaya
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