Professor Yamaguchi and Secretary Ando attended calligraphy exhibition of Grand Master Hsing Yun

Professor Yamaguchi and secretary Ando attended the one-stroke calligraphy exhibition of Grand Master Hsing Yun on November 19th 2016 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. The exhibition has been in a worldwide tour in conjunction of Master Hsing Yun’s 90th birthday celebration, beginning from Paris, including other countries in Europe, America and Asia. Master Hsing Yun suffers from eye complications due to diabetes. However, he strives his best to present the beauty of Humanistic Buddhism through calligraphy.

Professor Yamaguchi was invited as a special guest of opening ceremony. Both Professor Yamaguchi and Ando san also attended a special talk by Venerable Jue Pei, the director of Humanistic Buddhism Research Center of Fo Guang Shan, KaoHsiung, Taiwan. Following that, both professor and secretary slowly enjoyed calligraphy exhibition. Ando san even joined the sutra copying session. Professor Yamaguchi expressed that attending the exhibition has given her opportunity to gain deeper wisdom.

The exhibition was organized by BLIA, an NGO member of the United Nations.


From left: Abbess of Tokyo Fo Guang Shan Venerable Jue Yong, Secretary Ando, Researcher Poong and Professor Yamaguchi

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