Li Shengru (D1) conducted fieldwork in Mongolia (18 April, 2016 – 4 May, 2016)

Li (D1) conducted fieldwork in Mongolia from 18 April to 4 May in 2016. This fieldwork includes the following major activities: 1) participating the Steering Committee meeting for presentation of interactive teacher training materials, 2) attending primary school teacher training using interactive teacher training materials in Bayankhongor province.

Group photo for teacher training in Bayankhongor, 2016


1. Participate in the Steering Committee meeting for presentation of interactive teacher training materials
Prof. Yamaguchi explained the background of interactive teacher training materials production, types of contents included and the process involved in developing these materials. Li demonstrated the interactive teacher training materials and received important feedbacks from the local experts. Specifically, Mr. Luvsanjamts from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (MECS) commented that the ministry has established the web-portal to store and manage digital resources for teacher training. He confirmed the initiative taken by Tokyo Tech to produce interactive teacher training materials which support the recent policy development and practical implementation such as the teacher training web-portal. Prof. Yamaguchi further explained that the follow-up distribution of the interactive teacher training material will be conducted based upon the review from teachers on the effectiveness of the material in teacher training.

2. Attend primary school teacher training using interactive teacher training materials in Baynkhongor province
Li participated in the two-day primary school teacher training sessions organised by Bayankhongor Education Culture Department (ECD). This training gathered 20 teachers and school training managers from a total of 15 primary and complex schools across Bayankhongor province. The teacher training focused on three subjects: Man and Environment, Man and Society as well as Art and Technology. Teachers first watched the digitalized teacher training materials (DVD), and then studied the teacher training guideline, followed by the group study using interactive teacher training materials. Multiple discussions among teachers were moderated by ECD methodologists.

Training session with interactive materials and teacher training guideline


1. There were several interesting observations from the teacher training. First, teachers find the pedagogy introduced in training materials to be very creative. For example, the utilization of locally available materials for conducting air-pressure experiments for Man and Environment subject promotes both curiosity and environmental awareness among students. Second, teachers actively exchanged critical opinions on pedagogies with ECD methodologists and other teachers. For instance, teachers shared their understanding for emphasizing the development of proper writing skills among students but also agreed with methodologists that writing skill development should be coupled with oral expression development as well. Overall, all teachers and training managers participated in the training actively and different opinions were shared and discussed among them.

Discussion among teachers and ECD methodologist

2. Teachers and training managers also had positive reviews regarding the introduction of interactive teacher training materials. Teachers found the use of interactive training material to be very useful for reinforcing their understanding of the knowledge from digitalized teacher training materials and the guideline. Additionally, all teachers find the interactive easy and pleasant to use. Some teachers also find explanatory feedbacks included in the interactive materials useful for their understanding of important pedagogical knowledge points for each subject. At the beginning and the end of the training session, teachers showed high interest in adopting the interactive material authoring tool for creating their own teacher training materials as well as classroom teaching materials.

Group study utilizing interactive teacher training materials

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