Yamaguchi Laboratory Members Presented at CIES 2016 Annual Conference

Yamaguchi-Takada lab researchers, Dr.Yukiko Yamamoto and Ms. Enomoto attended the CIES (Comparative and International Education Society) annual conference in Vancouver, Canada, from March 6th to 11th, 2016.

This time CIES conference had a theme of “Six Decades of Comparative and International Education: Taking Stock and Looking Forward”.  More than 730 sessions are organized with over 5000 participants and experts all around the world.

2016 CIES_1

(Dr. Yamamoto and Ms. Enomoto at CIES 2016)

Dr. Yamamoto presented the paper titled “Factors related to the positive perceptions on the ICT integrated education: A case of Mongolian primary school leader” in the Teacher and leadership session.  Based on the analysis of the 222 school leaders in Mongolia, the study analyzed the impact factors of school leader’s perceptions on the ICT contribution to the educational practice.  Dr. Yamamoto shared the summary of the findings, and stated that strong leadership, including allocation of the budget to ICT training and having clear pedagogical visions, are significant factors.  Dr. Yamamoto had interesting discussions with the audience, such as the relationship between leadership theories and ICT integrated education.


(Dr. Yamamoto, presenting her research)

Ms. Enomoto participated in the UNESCO group panel “Equipping learners with skills for the 21st century: the integration of transversal competencies in education and training systems of the Asia-Pacific”.  Last couple of years, UNESCO has been conducted a regional research study on transversal competencies, which is also commonly known as 21st century skills, such as  communication skills and leadership skills.  The panel were consisted of the four educational specialists from UNESCO headquarter and affiliated organizations, and Ms. Enomoto presented a paper titled “Transversal competencies in education policies and practices in Asia-Pacific” as a second presenter of the panel.  Her presentation summarized the education policies and practices related to transversal competencies among 10 Asia-Pacific countries and economies. The regional study has been jointly organized by UNESCO Bangkok and Tokyo Institute of Technology with the support of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japan. It was clear that the topic was currently receiving remarkable attentions from educational specialist, as many audience came to the panel.  Audience had a vigorous discussions related to transversal competencies, including different pedagogical approaches and evaluations.


(Ms. Enomoto, presenting her research )

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