Norifumi Irie and Takero Inoue presented their master’s thesis

Norifumi Irie and Takero Inoue presented their master’s thesis as partial fulfillment for their master’s degree on February 12, 2016.

Inoue presented his thesis titled “Study on the sustainable management and use of participatory education database: Case of National Education Systems and Policies in Asia-Pacific (NESPAP) of UNESCO”. He studied factors of sustainable management and maintenance of education database, and people’s motivations to participate in education database. Among many education database, his study especially looked into UNESCO Bangkok Office’s web-based knowledge portal called National Education Systems and Policies in Asia-Pacific (NESPAP). Inoue introduced the results of two surveys administered in his study. The first survey identified popular functions of the education database as well as its points of improvement. The second survey revealed NESPAP users’ important motivations. He received comments from the audience on the presentation of data and survey samples.

inoue thesis

Irie also presented his thesis “Study on sustainable management of ponds and wetlands in world heritage using GIS: case of Luang Prabang, Lao PDR”. His research concentrated on three topics: 1) visualization of temporal changes of the green spaces that hold ponds and wetlands using GIS; 2) identification of the reasons behind the changes of the ponds and wetlands in the Town of Luang Prabang; and 3) exploration of people’s attitude towards ponds and wetlands preservation. Those topics approached from both qualitative and quantitative viewpoint and its results were shared in his presentation. He received comments and questions on the current Regulations of the ponds and wetlands, other experts’ involvement and work on the field, value of ponds and wetlands as World Heritage, the number of latent factors affecting people’s attitude toward ponds and wetlands and reliability of Likert scale surveys.

Irie thesis

Reflecting those valuable comments, Inoue and Irie will continue their work and further contribute to the local counterpart. Inoue shares the results with the experts in UNESCO Bankok office, and Irie will conduct another filedwork in March 2016.

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