Tokyo Tech research team and Prof. Schukbaatar presented the case studies on 21st century skills at the Nagoya University.

On February 10th, 2016, Tokyo Tech research team and our visiting scholar, Prof. Sukhbaatar were invited to Nagoya University to make presentations on the 21st century skill. Tokyo Tech research team and Prof. Sukhbaatar has been participating the joint research project initiated by the UNESCO Bangkok on the 21st century skills since 2013.  In this time, Prof. Yonezawa at the Nagoya University organized a lecture event on the 21st century skills, and Tokyo Tech team and Prof. Sukhbaatar are requested to share the research findings.

Prof. Yonezawa introducing the presentation

Prof. Yamaguchi briefly discussed Japanese policy framework related to 21st century skills.  Dr. Yamamoto shared examples from Akita prefecture to illustrate how these policy frameworks are implemented in local government and school level.  Prof Sukhbaatar discussed current situation and issues in Mongolia related to implementing 21st century skills.

Presenting Country Case Studies

The researchers and graduate students from Graduate school International Development at Nagoya University and Nanzan University attended the seminar. The Q & A session turned into vigorous discussions related to the implementation of enhancing transversal competencies in school, including issues and approaches to evaluations.

With Prof. Yonezawa and participantes

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