Yamaguchi laboratory welcomes Prof. Sukhbaatar, 2015

Professor Sukhbaatar is invited as a visiting professor from Mongolia to Yamaguchi-Takada laboratory between December, 2015 to March, 2016. Professor Sukhbaatar had visited Yamaguchi-Takada laboratory twice as visiting professor during 2012 and 2014. The lab is very happy to welcome Prof. Sukhbaatar again in this beautiful deep autumn.


Welcome partry was held for Prof. Sukhbaatar. The party gathered two professors of the laboratory, one researcher, secretary, and all belonging students. Prof. Hirose from Academy for Global Leadership, Tokyo Tech also joined the welcome party as a special guest.


Prof. Sukhbaatar will be involved in various research and teaching activities during his stay. Prof. Sukhbaatar will host research methodology classes for M1 students, and will provide academic advises for M2 students especially on the refinement of data analysis.

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