Professor Yamaguchi and Researchers gathered for the ERI-Net project meeting in Bangkok

Yamaguchi-Takada laboratory has been participating a research project related to 21st century skills with UNESCO Bangkok since 2013. This year, the Tokyo Tech team is working on the Japanese case of teacher training as a part of the phase III study, “Integrating Non-cognitive/Transversal Competencies in Education Policy and Practice (Phase III): How are teachers prepared/supported to facilitate acquisition of transversal competencies”.

Working on the Phase III research project.

On 4th -7th, November, Professor Yamaguchi and all the researches, Dr. Yamamoto, Ms. Enomoto, and Ms. Ueno met in Bangkok for the ERI-Net project meeting in order to discuss the case study of Japan. Since our researchers are working on their research in three different countries, having a face-to-face meeting is a precious opportunity, which enable them to work together and to have meaningful discussions. The final results of the case study will be presented at the annual ERI-Net meeting in February 2016.

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