Yew Siang Poong (D3), Norifumi IRIE (M2), and Yu Hironari(M1) conducted fieldwork in Luang Prabang Lao PDR (Sept – Oct, 2015)

From September to October in 2014, Yew Siang Poong (D3), Norifumi IRIE (M2), and Yu Hironari(M1) conducted fieldwork at the office of Department of World Heritage (DPL) in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR.

Poong assisted in the launching ceremony of the mobile learning application. The purpose of the mobile learning is to promote world heritage site preservation awareness through interesting quiz questions and learning content. In addition, he conducted questionnaire survey on the impact of using mobile learning on world heritage site preservation awareness among 200 college and university students. Preliminary result shows that students” awareness increased after they used the mobile learning application.

Mobile Application Launching Ceremony with Poong and attendees from Souphanouvong University

Irie particularly studied about the attitude of the local people towards ponds and wetlands preservation this time through a questionnaire survey. The questionnaire was developed through discussions with the local experts of DPL and distributed to the stakeholders. As a result, 61 responses were collected. Aside from that, he presented about his research in DPL as well as in Urban Development Administrative Agency (UDAA). Useful opinions and advice were obtained. As the next step, he will analyse the collected responses statistically.

UDAA Discussion 2 Sept 2015
Irie presented his research in front of the local experts of Urban Development Administrative Agency

This was the first time for Yu to stay in Luang Prabang. He investigated on the feasibility of adapting Drone as a tool for monitoring the riverbank of the Mekong. His activities included: 1) the trial operation of Drone on the premises of the DPL office; 2) the selection of the applicable locations from which Drone monitors the site; and 3) the experimental flight of Drone on the selected locations.

Drone test
Yu conducted a trial flight of Drone in DPL

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