Monitoring mission in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (Sep. 2015)

During 21 – 23 September, 2015, a monitoring mission for teacher training at Ireedui Complex School in Ulaanbaatar was conducted. For this training, the MNUE professional team, Prof. Tsedevsuren, Prof. Hohoo, and the Tokyo Tech team, Ms. Origilmma, Dr. Yamamoto, Mr. Ohya and Mr. Li participated.

Opening remarks
Training manager from Ireedui No.3 Primary School was giving opening remarks.

The objective of this training session is for teachers to present improved digital teacher training materials that are based on local contexts to other teachers, Toyko Tech team and MNUE professional team so that feedbacks and discussions can be reflected for the finalization of the digital teacher training materials.

The following activities were conducted during the three days training session:
1. 100 primary school teachers from presented the materials (video lesson, teachers’ manual and presentations) on 6 subjects they made for teacher training purpose;
2. 100 primary school teachers organized in 6 discussion groups evaluated the productions and shared their opinions on the materials presented for each subject;
3. The Tokyo Tech team, training manager from Ireedui Complex School, and MSUE professional team presented feedbacks and offered directions for finalizatoin.

The following six subjects were presented during the 3 days training in the following order:

Mathematics (Day 1):
Teachers demonstrate an intuitive method to let students understand the area calculation of a circle by cutting circiles into multiple pieces. Students are instructed to assemble the cut pieces into near rectangle, that students know how to calculate the sapce.

Discussion group
Teachers were discussing the VCD training material.

Art and Technology (Day 1):
The lesson is aimed to intorduce students with how multiple traiangle and rectangle shapes coould be used to contruct difference objects through storytelling. Students use imagination and different shapes to create objects such as car, hat, montains and many others.

Communication (Day 2):
The lecture introduces a methodology for teachers to learn why some students have difficulties in handing in their homework in time, and design homeworks that suit different conditions and needs of students to develop their interest and talents.

Teacher giving feedback
One teacher from a group was presenting the group discussion results to the training material production team.

Man and Environment (Day 2): In this lesson, teachers are introduced the methdology to teach density through experiment that helps students to visually understand why certain sustances float on water. Students are offered questions to come up with potential reasons for this physcial phenomena, which are commented and explained by teachers.   Mongolian Language (Day 3): The topic of the subject is the correct pronuciation of “Ge” that exists in many traditional Mongolian vocabulary such as “Ger (traditional Mongolian housing)”. Students are grouped together to practise the pronunciation while building the model of “Ger”. The method to encourage students’ self-learning using dictionary is also explained.

Teachers in ICT training
Teachers were also trained on how to use ICT tools, especially how to use software to edit movies and create multimedia materials for classroom teaching.

Physical Education (Day 3):
The methdology for this subject is to focus on multiple stages for students to conduct exercise. Three steps should be applied: preparation such as jumping and extending body, main exercise such as runing, and coolling down by playing traditional Mongolian game using animal ankle bones.

Teachers actively discussed the contents of the training material they viewed and reported their group opinions to the rest of people. Feedbacks from teachers were focusing on pedadogical improvements. For example, let students expriment by themselves under supervision of teachers in Man and Environment subject. Another example is that carpet should be used for students to play games using ankle bones during colling down in Physical Education lesson for hygenic purposes.

Ending remarks
A group photo for all training participants.
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