Album for monitoring mission in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (Sep. 2015)


  1. Duration:
    • September 21-23, 2015
  2. Location:
    • Ulaanbaatar
  3. Ulaanbaatar:
    • Capital city of Mongolia
    • Covers half of the Mongolian population live

Fieldwork Objectives

  1. To evaluate digital teacher training materials in 6 subjects;
  2. To provide technical and pedagogical support to teachers for improving the digital teacher training materials.


  1. Local team: Ms. Enkhtsetseg (Training manager in No.3 Ireedui Primary School), Ms. (Principal of Ireedui Complex School), and 50 local primary school teachers.
  2. MSUE professional team: Prof. Tsudevsuren, Prof. Khokhoo
  3. Tokyo Tech team: Ms. Orgilmaa, Dr. Yamamoto, Ohya, and Li.


Time: 21 September – 23 September, 2015

Place: Primary School No.3, Ireedui Complex School, Songinokhairkhan District, Ulaanbaatar

This training gathered 100 teachers from Sukhbaatar District, Songinokhairkhan District, Bayankzuk District, and Hanool District. For this training, MNUE professional team, Prof. Tsudevsuren and Prof. Khukhuu, and the Tokyo Tech team, Ms. Orgilmaa, Dr. Yamamoto, Mr. Ohya and Mr. Li participated.

The major objective of the training is to gather local primary school teachers to present and discuss the improved digital teacher training materials in 6 subjects. Tokyo Tech team and MNUE professional team were responsible to offer advices on content and technical improvement of the digital training materials, for the finalization of these materials. The second objective of this training session is to conduct ICT training for teachers, focusing on how to use educational software such as video editing, image processing techniques.

Training sessions were organized by subjects (a total of 6 subjects), and the following activities took place:

  • Presenting video training materials by each subject production team
  • Discussing materials presented and write down comments by teacher groups
  • Sharing comments with all participants
  • Presenting feedbacks from Tokyo Teach team and MNUE professional team

Reading and sharing opinions on teacher training guideline (the blue book

Please see the mission photo gallery below:

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