Monitoring mission in Khentii province, Mongolia (Sep. 2015)

During 14 – 16 September, 2015, a monitoring mission for teacher training at Chingis City in Khentii Province. For this training, monitoring team members include MNUE professional team, Prof. Tsedevsuren, and the Tokyo Tech team, Prof. Yamaguchi, Prof. Takada, Ms. Origilmma, Dr. Yamamoto, Mr. Ohya and Mr. Li and Ms. Oyun participated. Ms. Oyun who is the alumni of Yamaguchi-Takada laboratory, currently serving at Information Technology, Post and Telecommunication Authority (ITPTA).

Sharing opinion -good/improvement point of VCDSharing opinion: good point and improvement point of VCD training materials

The objective of this training session was to present and discuss improved digital teacher training materials produced in Khentii province. Teachers’ feedbacks will be reflected for the finalization of the digital teacher training materials.

The following four activities were conducted during the three days training session: 1) 50 primary school teachers from Khentii aimag and 10 teachers from Dornod, Dornogobi, Gobisumber, Sukhbaatar, Tuv aimag presented the materials (video lesson, teachers’ manual and presentations) on 6 subjects; 2) 60 primary school teachers organized in 6 groups evaluated digitalized teacher training materials; 3) 60 primary school teachers organized in 8 groups studied and shared opinions on the teacher training guideline; 4) The Tokyo Tech team, Khentii ECD, and MNUE professional team presented feedbacks and discussed directions for finalizatoin.

Teacher discussion groupA group of teacher is discussing digital teacher training materials during training

Comment from primary school teacherAfter getting feedback, primary school teacher gave their group opinions

Teachers actively discussed the contents of the training material they viewed and reported their group opinions. Both opinions on contents and technical issues were discussed. Tokyo Tech team and MSUE professional team also participated actively in the feedback, confirming the quality of materials made and appreciated the efforts each team made into producing the materials. Tokyo Tech team and MSUE professional team also reported some technical issues in training video finalization, and each team  in Khentii province will continue to work on VCDs.

Group Discussion

On the way back to UB, Khentii ECD counterpart had kindly arranged the visit to Blue Lake of the  Black Mountains which is known as the sacred place of Chingiskhan daclaring the king of Mongolian Empire. All monitoring team members followed ritual to commemorate Chingiskhan and made their wishes near the Blue Lake.

ゲル前Visit to Blue lake and Black Mountains

On 18th, September, following the teacher training monitoring mission in Khentii province, the steering committee meeting was held at MSUE.  The representative of the review team presented the summary of their VCD evaluations, and Professor Jadamba consolidated all results in order to discuss further strategies.  The committee members agreed to provide further assistance to project Aimags and decided on the upcoming agendas and schedule.

Steering committee meetingGroup photo for steering committee meeting participant


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