Takero Inoue presented at the 16th Spring Meeting of Japan International Development Society (JASID)

Yamaguchi-Takada lab members participated in the 16th Spring Meeting of Japan Society for International Development (JASID) at Hosei University in Tokyo on June 7, 2015. Mr. Takero Inoue (M2) delivered his poster presentation on his research, “Motivations of Content Development in Online Research Database: Towards Sustainable Platform for Knowledge Exchange and Sharing.”

Inoue from the 21st Century Skills project presented his research at the poster session. He introduced the background, problem statement, research objective, theoretical framework, and preliminary findings with the audience. His study focuses on the sustainable use of online educational research database. The preliminary findings suggest that users of such databases have diverse background and they prefer to use functions for sharing documents and information, event-specific activities, and discussion on specific topics of interest. Based on these findings, further analysis will be conducted.


Extended abstract




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