Dr.Yamamoto, Li (D3), Hirai (D2) participated CIES 62nd Annual Conference

Yamaguchi laboratory members, Dr. Yamamoto, Li (D3), and Hirai (D2) participated in the CIES (Comparative and International Education Society) 62nd Annual Conference from March 25th to 29th, 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico. The CIES this year gathers around 1000 participants from over 190 countries around the world. The theme of this year’s conference was “Re-mapping global education South-North dialogue”.

Dr. Yamamoto, Li, and Hirai joined paper session called “ICT4D Practice track IV: ICT4D and Teacher Professional Development”. Dr. Yamamoto presented the paper titled “Relationships between ICT implementation at school level and factors related to transformative leadership: A case of Mongolian primary school”. Based on the analysis of 222 primary school leaders from diverse areas of the country, the study reached several interesting findings. For example, it was found that collaborations which empower teachers and stimulate innovations through experience-sharing and dialogues are stronger factors affecting teachers’ use of ICT in teaching than just sharing finished digital products.

Yamamoto Presentation CIES 2018



Li presented the research, titled “The effects of interactive learning materials on self-regulated learning and learning outcome in the case of Mongolian primary school teachers”. He demonstrated the interactive learning materials produced for teachers’ professional development in Mongolia. Further, he explained the positive influence of interactive materials on the relationship between teachers’ learning motivation and learning satisfaction. One question was received from Save the Children, USA, regarding the relationship between teachers’ learning motivation and student learning outcome. Li answered that although the study did not directly examine this matter, improving student learning outcome is always the ultimate goal of educational activities. Relating to teacher training, teachers’ learning motivation and the improved satisfaction are very important factors in promoting their application of new pedagogies in the classroom, which influences the student learning outcome.

Li's Presentation

Hirai attended the workshop “Dissertation Mentoring Workshops: Educator Professionalism in Secondary and Post-secondary Education”, in which participants shared their concept of research and receive advice from educational experts. He discussed his study “Relationship between communication channels among teachers and the diffusion of teachers’ ICT use in rural Mongolian education” with Professor Bista from Morgan State University. Prof. Bista shared his experience as a teacher for more than 10 years and emphasized the importance of the relevance of the research to teachers. In order to ensure that, he advised that it is helpful to understand the Mongolian education policies and school contexts in detail. He also shared his expertise in designing the questionnaire and made an extended recommendation on the questionnaire survey.

Yamaguchi laboratory members also enjoyed the colorful local handicrafts and delicious Torta, a popular food made up of corn pancakes, shredded meat topped with fresh parsley, onion, lime juice and salsa.

Mexico City local market



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