Yuji Hirai (D3) presented in the Interim Presentation of GEDESociety on May 2nd, 2018.

Doctoral student in Yamaguchi-Takada laboratory, Yuji Hirai, presented in the Interim Presentation of Global Engineering for Development Environment and Society on May 2nd, 2018.


The interim presentation consisted of two sessions: two minutes presentation for explaining outline of the research and poster presentation for interactive discussion with professors.

In preparing for the presentation, Hirai had instructions and discussions with professor Yamaguchi and Professor Takada multiple times and he received a lot of important inputs from professors and another doctoral student Mr. Li. Other lab members also kindly supported his presentation preparation.

At the interim presentation, he presented his research titled “Factors influencing diffusion process of lower secondary school teachers’ ICT use in Mongolia”. In his presentation he explained why it is significant to see diffusion process of teachers’ ICT use in Mongolia through discussing trend of ICT integration for educational development and relevant education policies and practices in Mongolia. And how to investigate factors influencing diffusion process of the ICT use by using the theory named Diffusion of Innovation theory.

Four professors came to listen his presentation and had discussion based on his poster presentation. Professor Hanaoka asked multiple questions including definition of “diffusion” and “innovation” in the theory, methodology to measure diffusion process and teachers’ perception on ICT use and implementation of field survey. Hirai explained about the plan to conduct field survey in one province in Mongolia. Since education system in Mongolia is decentralized, each region has its’ own schedule, training and organization, it is reasonable to conduct field survey in one province to ensure consistency of research conditions.

Professor Nohara suggested that it is important to integrate theoretical approaches to present research methodology for measuring diffusion process and influential factors in development contexts. It must be different from study conducted in developed countries. Proposal of methodology to conduct diffusion study in development contexts will be a contribution to diffusion studies.

It was a great chance for Hirai to have discussions with professors for improving research. Hirai received a lot of important questions, comments and advice from professors.

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