Li Shengru conducted PhD presentation for his doctoral degree

Shengru Li presented his PhD study in the Department of International Development Engineering on the 27th June, 2018. His presentation topic was “Study on the Influence of Interactive Learning Materials on Self-Regulated Learning for the Professional Development of Primary School Teachers in Mongolia”. This presentation covers the outcomes of three years research in Mongolian rural primary schools.

Li Shengru PhD Presentation

The aim of the study is to first identify the important self-regulatory processes that influence teachers’ learning satisfaction and intention to apply learning contents, and the second is to investigate the influence of interactive materials on the effect of self-regulatory processes on teachers’ learning satisfaction. The study found out that self-regulatory processes including internal motivation, planning and organizing skills, and critical and positive thinking skills are important factors affecting learning satisfaction. In terms of the use of interactive materials, Li shared the finding that the materials have positive influence on teachers’ learning motivation and learning satisfaction.

There were four major questions received from professors as shown: 1) the validity and interpretation of the statistic models presented in the study, 2) the significance of the study context and how the data analysis result was verified with local teachers, 3) the development and applicability of self-regulated learning model, and 4) the details of implementing interactive materials for local teacher training. In answering the first question, he explained the assumptions of the statistic models and the interpretations of the coefficients between different models. He received the advice from professors and agreed to include the details of assumptions in the thesis. In terms of the second question, he revisited the details of bringing the study results back to the field, and the activities on focus group discussion and interview with 58 local primary school teachers. Li explained that the qualitative data were used to interpret the data analysis result with specific examples. With regard to the third question, he summarized the history and background for the researchers to develop the self-regulated learning theory, and emphasized that the theory was applied in different regions and study contexts. For the last question, Li shared the background of the development of interactive materials that they were created based on local needs and teacher training materials. Therefore, teachers were motivated to utilize the materials for their self-development.

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