Jerome Silla

PhD Candidate / 博士課程

Message / メッセージ

Let’s get together one day, and celebrate the past that has led us to this transformative moment.

Research Theme / 研究内容

Leveraging ICT in safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage of Luang Prabang World Heritage Site in Lao PDR

Academic Background / 学歴

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Doctor of Engineering in Global Engineering for Development, Environment and Society (2018 – present)

    • Winner, Best Presentation Award (GEDES Student Activities, 2022)
    • Winner, Best Presentation Award (GEDES Student Activities, 2020)
    • Teaching Assistant for the following courses:
      • Sustainable Development and Integrated Management
      • Case Method for International Development and Human Resources Development
      • Japanese Civil Law
      • Leadership Open Forum
      • Advanced Group Work for Leadership
      • Challenging Global Issues
      • Active Book Dialogue for Leadership
      • Global Presentation
      • Academic Writing
      • Oral Expressions in English
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Master of Engineering in International Development Engineering (2015-2017)

    • Winner, Best Research Presentation Award (Departmental Final Presentation, 2017)
    • Winner, Best Research Presentation Award (Departmental Interim Presentation, 2016)
  • University of the Philippines – Diliman
    • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (2005-2010)

Affiliation / 所属

Internships / インターンシップ

  • ICT Unit – Luang Prabang World Heritage Office, Lao PDR (2019 April; 2019 October)
  • Walker Institute Climate Science Research Centre – Reading University, United Kingdom (2016 October)
  • 国際開発部 – 国際航業株式会社、日本 (2016年8月)

Interests / 興味

Personal development, fitness and wellbeing, history, dark templars

Motto / モットー

Adun toridas

Email / メールアドレス

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