Happy Birthday, Professor Yamaguchi!

November 27, 2018

ISHIKAWADAI 9 — A smörgåsbord of East-meets-West style of delicacies filled the table of GSIC’s multi-purpose room as the members of Yamaguchi-Takada Laboratory celebrated Professor Yamaguchi’s birthday.

The aroma of the room was enough to make one’s mouth water from each lab member’s home-made cooking — Malaysian spice chicken, Indian biryani and curry, Taiwanese pancake, garlic-sauteed shrimp noodle, Chinese-style stuffed tofu, Persian cream soup, Italian caprese, French baguette toppers, fresh vegetables with Italian anchovy dip and award-winning Tochigi bacon. The food was complemented by flowing wine, champagne and sparkling water with the chitchats of current and former laboratory members served as merry accompaniment in the background. Together with Professor Takada, former researchers Yamamoto-san and Kurokawa-san, and former graduate students Poong-san and Inoue-san joined the celebration to reminisce old and cherished memories of the laboratory’s 16-year-long history.

In conjunction with the birthday party, the banquet also served as an advanced celebration of Professor Yamaguchi’s 25th year of collaborative project with the Mongolian education sector and 15th year of partnership in facilitating sustainable ICT applications in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR.

Towards the latter half of the evening, the lights were dimmed for the fig-sprinkled, non-dairy almond tart cake. As the birthday candle-sparkles faintly lit the dark room, everybody altogether sang Happy Birthday in glee. Much to Professor Yamaguchi’s delight, a video greeting from members of the Mongolian project steering committee, staff of Department of World Heritage in Luang Prabang and former members of the laboratory brought bursts of laughter to everyone. To top it all off, a bouquet of orchids, Professor’s favorite, was presented as a memento of the evening’s atmosphere.

It was indeed a feast, and the party’s success would not have been possible without the smooth cooperation of the current and the former lab members alike. Once again, happy birthday, Professor Yamaguchi!

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