Yiqiong Mai (M1) Participated in GEDES Master’s students Interim Presentation in September 2018

Yiqiong Mai presented the poster of her study in the interim presentation of Master’s students on September 25, 2018. Her research topic is “Study on Self-Regulated Learning Processes for Professional Development using ICT: A Case of Primary School Teachers in Mongolia”.

There are objectives of this study. First, to investigate the influence of interactive learning materials on Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) processes and learning outcomes of primary school teacher. Second, to explore the chronological changes occurred in the effect of interactive materials on SRL processes. Based on the objectives, she proposed three research questions: 1) what are the SRL processes affecting the learning outcomes of the primary school teachers in Mongolia in 2017? 2) are there any differences in the SRL processes between the teachers who conducted the teacher training with and without interactive materials in 2017? 3) what are the differences of SRL processes affecting the teachers’ learning outcomes between 2016 and 2017? 

After talking about the methodologies she adopted to collect and analyze the data, she shared the preliminary findings for her study. The findings included the answer for research question one and research question two. As for further plan, she will focus on the research question three and carry out the analysis of reason behind the changes of the influence of SRL processes on learning outcomes between 2016 and 2017. 

During the Q&A session, she received many questions and comments on her research. For example,how did she get the factors, like motivation? And why did she choose Bayankhongor as a research site?Click here to see the presented poster.

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