Album for Mongolian National University of Education (MNUE) Professional Team Visit (Dec. 2019)


  1. Duration: December 10-21, 2019
  2. Location: Tokyo


  • MNUE team: Prof. Ravdanjamts Baldandorj, Sumiya Tsegmid, , Batchuluun Yembuu, Jargalsuren Shargaa, Khukhuu Dorj, Tsedevsuren Danzan, Baasandorj Tsagaan, Pagmasuren Tsevegjav
  • Tokyo Tech team: Prof. Yamaguchi, Prof Takada, Orgilmaa Luvsandash, Dr. Shengru Li, Yuji Hirai, Fatemeh Hassani, Yiqiong Mai

Visits and objectives:

  • Visit Tokyo Tech

Objective: To learn unique facilities in Tokyo Tech and to learn the roles of Tokyo Tech as both research and educational institutes

  • Visit Tokyo Institute of Technology Affiliated High School

Objective: To learn the unique high school curriculum specialized in science and technology and implementation of experiments and practice with the student-centered approach. 

  • Visit Kyoiku-Shuppan Publishing House (Education Publishing)

Objective: To learn the publishing policy and editing process for the textbooks used in schools.

  • Visit Hikarioka High School

Objective: To learn effective implementation and example of ICT use in classroom teaching and other educational activities.

  • Visit Tokyo Metropolitan Hakuo High School

Objective: To learn the unique junior and senior high school curriculum and classroom teaching promoting sense of respect toward global and local cultures.

  • Attend in Super Global High School National Meeting

Objective: To observe the active discussion with fresh ideas about the global themes from the high school students.

  • Visit oomori 6th Junior High School

Objective: To learn unique curriculum and educational activities especially focusing on Education for Sustainable Development.

  • Visit Tokyo Metropolitan School Personnel in Service Training Center

Objective: To attend and observe teacher training sessions focusing on physics subject using experimental methods.

  • Visit Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education

Objective: To get an overview of education in Tokyo, and promote communication between Japanese education management bureau and Mongolian teacher development institute.

  • Visit Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), National Institute for Educational Policy Research (NIER)

Objective: To learn about the curriculum development for junior high school and high school in Japan.

Please see the photo gallery below:

  • MNUE Professional Team Study Tour 2018 - Tokyo Tech High School
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