Album for JICA Grassroots Project 2nd Phase Kick-off Meeting


  1. Time: 13 September 2018
  2. Location: Conference Hall of Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, and Sports (MECSS).


  • Vice-President, MECSS, Mr. Ganbattar
  • Representative, JICA Mongolia, Mr. Sato
  • Director, Institute of Teacher’s Professional Development (ITPD), Ms. Surenchimeg
  • Professor, University of Finance and Economics (UFE), Prof. Sukhbaatar
  • Professor, Mongolian Academy for Educational Development Prof. Bat-Erdene
  • Education Culture Department (ECD) directors from 21 aimags and city education director of 9 districts of UB, Mongolia.


  • Opening remarks by MECSS Vice-President Mr. Ganbattar, Prof. Yamaguchi, JICA Representative Mr. Sato, and ITPD Director Ms. Oyuntungalag
  • Introduction of Education Management and Information System (EMIS) from 2014 for student management and teacher development
  • Importance of teacher training and achieving SDG4
  • Overview of JICA 2nd phase project for lower secondary school teachers: background, objectives, outputs, activities
  • Detailed plan and discussed for organizing the regional level teacher training.

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