Lab bid master’s student Mai-san farewell

GSIC Ishikawadai 9 – As hints of yellowing leaves in ginko trees lining the streets of Ookayama Campus begin to slowly emerge and fall away, likewise, Yamaguchi-Takada laboratory members bid a bittersweet farewell to Mai-san at her graduation party.

Each lab member brought their home-cooked cuisine that made the dining table of GSIC Ishikawadai building’s party room glimmer in autumn’s ombre shade. Tandori chicken perfectly charred in bronze and a platter of plum, persimmon and oranges, the feast’s splash of bright colors mirrored Mai-san’s palette of brilliance. Her undergraduate major in Internet of Things came useful in making good use of ICT in Mongolia’s education system, particularly in her research on the “The Influence of Interactive Learning Materials on Self-Regulatory Processes and Outcomes of Primary School Teachers”. Adept in programming, she excelled at developing blended learning online assessment tool in her recent internship at UNESCO Bangkok. Her advanced coding skills, complemented by her major in Global Engineering in Development, Environment and Society, ultimately secured her a job even before graduation.

Professor Yamaguchi and Professor Takada were in attendance, together with all the members of the lab. Emotions ran high when Mai-san addressed each individual in the room. Two years of memories in Tokyo Tech were reminisced that concluded in the celebrant’s joyful tears.

The changing of the season always calls for a celebration. To the onset of your journey to professional world and all the successes that will come along with it, Yamaguchi-Takada lab toasts in unison “Cheers to you, Mai-san!”

All members of the lab with their home-cooked meals toasting for Mai-san’s graduation
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