Welcome Party for Ishino san and Birthday Celebration for Mai san and Fatemeh san

Yamaguchi-Takada Lab members are so happy to welcome our new Researcher, Sayako Ishino. She had a lots of experiences in development of African region, especially in Cote d’Ivore, Togo and Uganda. With her vast experiences and strong academic backgrounds, she can make an excellent contribution to the lab. To celebrate Ishino san’s joining Yamaguchi-Takada Lab, the lab members organized a welcome party for her on July 25th. On the party, Ishino san expressed her excitement to join Yamaguchi-Takada lab as a researcher, and she is looking forward to work together with all the lab members. As for the lab members, we are looking forward to work together with her and helping each other throughout all the lab activities.

Staying true to the lab’s tradition, we also celebrated lab members’ birthday. The welcome party that night became more meaningful as we also celebrated the double birthday of Mai san and Fatemeh san. They both have the same birth date! As the birthday candles light up the dimmed-light of the restaurant, everybody altogether sang Happy Birthday song happily.

That triple-celebration-party night was also joined by the former labs’ graduate, Itsuki Uemura. The lab members enjoyed a good time talking, eating, and drinking. We are really happy to have Ishino san as the new Researcher of Yamaguchi-Takada Laboratory. As for Mai san and Fatemeh san, may both of them be gifted with life’s biggest joy and never-ending bliss.

Ishino welcome party
The lab members having a good bonding time in the party.
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