Mongolian team members participated in Steering Committee Meeting in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

On August 30, 2019, the Mongolian project team members participated in the Steering Committee Meeting at the Mongolian National University of Education. The steering committee members, (Prof. D.Mandakh, Prof. Jadambaa, Prof. Sukhbaatar, Prof. Bat-Erdene, and Prof. Tsudevsuren), the Tokyo Tech team members (Prof. Yamaguchi, Ms. Orgilmaa (project coordinator), Ms. Ishino (researcher), Mr. Hirai (doctoral student), and Ms. Mai (master student), and the JICA Mongolian Office members, (Ms. Fujita and Ms. B.Erdenechimeg), participated in the meeting. This meeting was organized aiming at presenting the monitoring activities in Khovd province and discussing the possible actions in the future implementation of the project.

Prof. Yamaguchi first presented the monitoring activities in Khovd province. The training activities about evaluating the digital training contents and interactive material training as well as the school visit in Uench soum were reported. Furthermore, she shared the voice from the local Education and Culture Department (ECD) methodologists, school leaders, and teachers, including the ECD’s support for teachers’ ICT skills development, conditions of the ICT infrastructure in the local schools, teachers’ production of digital training materials, and so on. Reflecting the monitoring experience and the local issues, the steering committee members shared their opinions on dealing with the challenges of the implementation of the project and including the interactive training contents into the teachers training.

Prof. Yamaguchi is presenting the monitoring activities

After sharing these activities, Hirai presented the preliminary findings of the study on the innovative use of ICT in Mongolian context for his research on the diffusion on ICT practice in education. Comments and suggestions were given by the steering committee members.

Hirai is presenting his research

At the end of the meeting, the Steering Committee Members expressed their appreciation to the training and monitoring activities. The meeting was overall success with the exchange of experience and opinions, paving the way for the further implementation of the project.

Group photo of the Steering Committee Meeting participants
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