Yiqiong Mai (M2) Participated in GEDES Master Student Final Presentation

Yiqiong Mai presented her study in the Final presentation of Master students on August 7, 2019. Her research topic is “Study on Self-Regulated Learning Processes for Professional Development using ICT: A Case of Primary School Teachers in Mongolia”.

This study was carried out to monitor the self-regulated learning processes of primary school teachers in Mongolia and to investigate the impact of interactive materials on their self-development. Based on the objectives, she proposed three research questions: 1) what are the SRL processes affecting the learning outcomes of the primary school teachers in Mongolia in 2017? 2) are there any differences in the SRL processes between the teachers who conducted the teacher training with and without interactive materials in 2017? 3) what are the differences of SRL processes affecting the teachers’ learning outcomes between 2016 and 2017?

To answer these research questions, this study employed the mixed method. First, a quantitative survey was conducted in the Bayankhongor province of Mongolia. After that, the qualitative data analysis was conducted to explain the findings of the quantitative analysis results. After talking about the methodology to collect and analyze the data, she shared the findings for her study. The quantitative data analysis results were shown to answer each of the research questions. The study results of the qualitative survey were explained in the discussion section, deepened the understanding of the reason of the quantitative findings.

During the Q&A session, she received questions and comments from the professors. Professors were interested in the changes identified from this comparative study. Questions were asked as to what is the reason behind the remarkable changes of the factor affecting teachers learning satisfaction in 2016 and 2017? Mai answered that the change of the requirements of the Basic Education Core Curriculum motivated teachers to make these changes. For example, the curriculum emphasized the importance of building self-confidence for the students. This encouraged teachers to enhance their own self-confidence. Furthermore, questions were asked about the study design. For instance, were the sample size in the survey implemented in 2017 the same as the one in 2016? Mai responded that although the number of the respondents are not exactly the same, both of the surveys covered the entire primary school teacher population in the Bayankhongor province of Mongolia. Therefore, the sample sizes of 2017 can be recognized as the same as the one in 2016.

Mai’s Master final presentation in front of the GEDES professors and students

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