Hirai presented his teaching assistant activities at Global Engineering for Development Environment and Society Student Activity Presentation

Hirai (D4) attended the Global Engineering for Development Environment and Society Student Activity Presentation on August 6. The course required doctoral students to serve as a teaching assistant and present lessons from experience. Hirai served as a teaching assistant (TA) for the laboratory research methodology seminar and facilitated a workshop to learn basic statistics.

Based on his TA activities, Hirai did the poster presentation entitled, “My experience of Teaching Assistant activities – Facilitate workshop on basic statistics as a part of lab methodology seminar -.” He explained two objectives as a TA, 1) to deepen understanding of the basic statistics for research concept development, 2) to train his skill to summarize information for a concise explanation. Under those objectives, he explained three main activities, 1) prepare material for the workshop including a summary of statistics textbook and practice questions, 2) facilitate the workshop and 3) facilitate reviewing session after each of the workshops, and 4) collect feedback from lab members about points to improve the facilitation. Based on his TA activities, he evaluated himself that he could facilitate active discussion among participants during the sessions because he could effectively integrate familiar examples for participants to understand the difficult concepts of statistics.

During the poster presentation, one student asked about the challenges in organizing the workshop. Reflecting that, Hirai shared lessons learned from the management of the workshop schedule. He explained that it was challenging to keep the momentum of the sessions. He tried to maintain the connection of lessons by preparing a review of the previous session. The other question was about the means to evaluate the enhancement of participants’ understanding of basic statistics. He answered that participants’ understanding of workshop contents was confirmed in the reviewing session after each session of the workshop. Integrating quantitative evaluation methods can be a future challenge. The teacher’s activities enable him to experience the enjoyment and challenges of leading a workshop.

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