Mongolia project team members participated in UB training

During 9 – 13 September 2019, the Mongolian project team members participated in teacher training at Ireedui complex school in Songinokharikhan district of Ulaanbaatar city. From Tokyo Tech team, Ms. Orgilmaa, Ms. Ishino, and Mr. Hirai, from MNUE professional team, Prof. Jadambaa, Prof. Sumiya, and Prof. Amartuvshin participated in the training.

There are two purposes of this training: 1) to present and discuss on the drafted digital teacher training materials developed by teachers from Songinokhairkhan district, and 2) to conduct the workshop on practicing use and development of the interactive materials.

Fifty lower secondary school teachers of six subjects, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, History and Social Science, Design and Technology participated in the training. The training on drafted digital teacher training materials consists of the following five activities. First, teachers presented the drafted digital training materials. Second, each subject team discussed how to improve the material. Third, each subject team shared comments on the material. Four, MNUE professional team gave comments on the material. Fifth, teachers evaluated the material by answering the evaluation survey sheet. The evaluation survey sheet has 12 evaluation points, including clarity of goals and objectives, degree of interest, voice quality, and so on. On the last day of the training, each subject team developed and presented their activity plan for revising their materials Based on the discussion, feedback from MNUE professors, and results of the evaluation survey sheet.

A teacher shared comments on the draft digital training materials

The workshop on interactive material was conducted during teacher training. Training guidelines and sample of the interactive training materials were distributed to the teachers at the workshop. On the first day, teachers learned the basic concept of interactive material through the demonstration of the interactive training materials developed by Tokyo Tech team and MNUE professional team. Then, teachers practices using interactive training material on their computer. On the second day, teachers learned set up of XAMPP platform and XERTE program to develop digital interactive material. On the third day, teachers practices development of multiple types of interactive quizzes. On the fourth day, each subject teacher group developed their own interactive material based on teachers’ guideline and presented it on the fifth day. All team could produce three to five questions of the interactive materials. Teachers developed various types of quizzes and used pictures effectively.

Teachers are practicing interactive training materials at Ireedui Complex School
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