Jerome Silla appointed as one of Tokyo Tech’s student ambassadors

Yamaguchi-Takada Laboratory’s Jerome Silla is appointed as a student ambassador of Tokyo Tech for the Academic Year 2020-2021. Jerome joins five other students to represent the various departments and degree programs of the Institute.

Student ambassadors are primarily responsible to share their experiences that unfolded at Tokyo Tech to prospective international students through blog writing. Additionally, since the ambassadors are regarded as representatives of the Institute, they are tasked to participate in events aimed at introducing Tokyo Tech to aspiring enrollees. While the ambassadors are also expected to provide guidance to campus visitors, introductory events and campus visits are called off for the time being due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After successfully passing the selection process, Jerome is officially appointed as a student ambassador since July 2020. His motivation to apply for this position is to use the student ambassador platform in sharing his stories of opportunities as a Tokyo Tech student, and in the process encourage prospective enrollees to be part of the Tokyo Tech community. In fact, Jerome’s first article posted at the Student Ambassador Blog tells the story of his hardships as a student amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the great deal of assistance provided to him by Tokyo Tech.

The appointment of the six student ambassadors was officially recognized through a kick-off party in September 28, 2020. Prof. Tetsuya Mizumoto (Executive Vice President for Education) and Prof. Naoya Abe (Associate Professor from the Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering) were in attendance, together with the staff of the Admission Division. The following week, official photos of the student ambassadors were professionally taken at various Ookayama Campus’ sceneries – wood deck, library, and museum. Jerome also appears in a video promotion, which will be soon be launched at the Student Ambassador’s official social media accounts. 

Student Ambassador
Jerome’s official photo as one of Tokyo Tech’s student ambassadors

While Jerome has plenty of ponderings of the past since he first entered the halls of Tokyo Tech as an exchange student in 2014, thoughts about his future life in Japan are as much. These, among many other ideas that mirror the musings of many international students in Japan, are lined up in his future blog writings.


Jerome’s profile at the official Student Ambassador website can be accessed by clicking here.

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