An Online Farewell Party Thrown for Ishino and Ishihara

On April 21st, a virtual farewell party were thrown for former Yamaguchi-Takada laboratory members Ms. Sayako Ishino, a researcher, and Mr. Masaaki Ishihara, a master’s student, who have begun their new life endeavors at the beginning of the new fiscal year.

While the online modality of the party is far from the traditional gathering of the lab, still, several former lab members were able to join to reminisce with, celebrate and congratulate Ms. Ishino and Mr. Ishihara. In total, 16 online guests were in attendance including Professor Yamaguchi and Professor Takada.

Sixteen former and current lab members gathered to celebrate Ms. Ishino and Mr. Ishihara’s farewells

After an online kampai, the event was started with a casual chatter among the lab members about their lives. Afterwards, the guests altogether recalled fun memories they spent at Tokyo Tech from an activity called “Trip Down Memory Lane” hosted by PhD student Saiful-san, who also emceed throughout the program. The night was capped by Professors Yamaguchi and Takada celebrating and cheering for the success of Ms. Ishino and Mr. Ishihara in their new life adventure.

We raise our glass to your bright futures, Ishino-san and Ishihara-kun!

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