Mongolian team participated in the Project Steering Committee meeting

The Mongolian project’s Steering Committee meeting was conducted on August 20, 2021, at the Conference Hall of the Mongolian National University of Education. From the Mongolian side, Prof. Jadambaa, Prof. Bat-Erdene, Prof. Suchbaatar, Prof.Tsedevsuren, and Ms. Orgilmaa participated in the training. From the Yamaguchi-Takada laboratory, Prof.Yamaguchi, Prof.Takada, and Mr. Hirai participated in the meeting online.

The main meeting agenda was the report on Khovd online regional training results. Firstly, Prof.Tsedevsuren reported the overall briefing on the Khovd online regional training. Then, Ms. Orgilmaa presented the summary of training activities and the results of the evaluation of the digital training materials. Ms.Orgilmaa explained the content of digital training material developed by each subject team of the Khovd teachers and feedback for further improvement provided by other teachers and MNUE professors. The results of the evaluation on the digital training materials were demonstrated in comparison to the results in 2019. It showed significant improvement in digital training materials for all subjects.

Regarding the Khovd online regional training, Prof. Yamaguchi reported her appreciation to Khovd ECD methodologists’ organization of the online training. She also emphasized the teachers’ active participation especially in the group discussion using the breakout room functions of the online conference tool, although it was the first online teacher training under the project.

Steering Committee members then discussed planned activities in 2021. They made a consensus on holding the following regional training in the form of online training. The success in Khovd pilot online training and the current pandemic situation were reflected in this decision.

After that, Mr. Hirai presented the results of the interactive material session which was design and facilitated by the Tokyo Tech team and Ms.Oyun. The training session was successfully conducted in which participants could produce 43 interactive quizzes, more than the number of interactive quizzes demonstrated in the 2019 training. Also, he explained the results of the qualitative survey to understand participants’ evaluation of the training sessions. He explained that participants especially appreciated support from other participants during the training, saying that participants are sharing issues and support each other to achieve the training goal. Hirai received advice from his survey by Prof.Bat-Erdene, Prof.Sukhbaatar, and Prof.Takada.

Provided with the discussion in the Steering Committee meeting we will start online regional training at four other partner aimag from the end of September.

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