Letter of appreciation for the contribution of the Tokyo Institute of Technology presented by the Minister of Education Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia

Expanding access to primary education is one of the important issues in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. During the transition period of Mongolia in 1990s, the disparity in education between urban and rural areas expanded. Since 2004, the Yamaguchi Laboratory of the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center, the Takada Laboratory of the Department of International Development Engineering in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, and the Mongolian Ministry of Science and Education have been collaborating to improve the quality of education and to provide educational opportunities through joint research and collaborative projects. Sponsored by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Grassroots Technical Cooperation Project “Sustainable Use of ICT for Improving the Quality of Primary Education in Rural Mongolia” was launched in March 2012. During the kickoff meeting of the project, Minister L. Gantmur from the Mongolian Minister of Education and Science presented the Tokyo Institute of Technology with a Letter of Appreciation for the contributions in the Mongolian Education Sector. In addition, Professor Shinobu Yamaguchi was awarded the Honorable Worker of the Education Sector Medal for her involvement in education development projects in Mongolia since 1993.

Minister Gantmur presents Prof. Yamaguchi with Honored Worker of the Education Sector medal.

July 11 – Motoshi Saeki, Director of the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center, Prof. Shinobu Yamaguchi, Prof. Jun-ichi Takada and Shotaro Yano (Masters 2nd year student) present the President Yoshinao Mishima of Tokyo Institute of Technology the Letter of Appreciation from the Mongolian Ministry of Education and Science.

Cerebrating the award
President Mishima (left) and Prof. Yamaguchi (right)
Student ware learning by using OLPC in Bayankhongor aimag


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