John Auxillos

Master Student (graduated)

John is a passionate technology geek who left his comfort zone after high school to learn about an area he was ignorant about: economics. For four years in an American-Swiss liberal arts institution, he expanded his knowledge in the dismal science, finance, and humanities in general, and learned the ways of a global citizen. After graduating, he took two short term jobs back in his home country to contribute back to his roots. Realizing the importance of his heritage, he then took six months off to brush up on his Chinese language skills in Shanghai. While traveling and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds, he met some successful Franklin Alumni and took their advice to explore opportunities in Japan. After “googling around”, he found the Yamaguchi-Takada Laboratory, whose mission and vision aligned with his ultimate goal of being able to contribute back to the world.

Research Area

Application of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Education in the Context of International Development

  • One-to-One Learning
  • Measurement of Non-Cognitive Skills
  • Learning Analytics

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