Oyun Tsogtsaikhan


Deputy Director of System Integration Unit, Communications and Information Technology Authority /CITA/, Mongolian Government


“Hi! I’m Oyun from Mongolia. I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to study at Tokyo Institute of Technology for my Master degree from 2012-2014. I have received the “Japanese Human Resource Development Scholarship” while I was working at the Government of Mongolia. At the beginning it was bit tough to study in Japan far from my family and my son. But Yamaguchi-Takada lab members welcomed me as a family and taught me everything.

Engaging with the academic research at Yamaguchi-Takada lab over the past two years has developed my passion towards contributing to the advancement in the field of ICT in Education in Mongolia. Therefore, I still continuing my career at the development of ICT sector in Mongolia.

As for the new students, I strongly recommend that on weekdays try hard to study and read as much as possible and on weekend try to enjoy Japanese beautiful nature and culture! Also Tokyo Tech Japanese family home-stay program was pretty helpful for me.

As for now, two years in Tokyo Tech was the precious and never forgettable moments of my life.

Research Area

Factors affecting on Information Communications Technology (ICT) skills of primary school teachers in Mongolia.

  • ICT skills;
  • Primary school teachers;
  • Context of Mongolia;
  • Instrument development;
  • Impact study.




Academic Background
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
    • Master of Engineering (International Development Engineering)
  • School of Information Technology, National University of Mongolia, UB, Mongolia
    • Bachelor of Information technology Engineering

Work experience
  • 2009/3 – Present: Communications and Information Technology Authority, Government of Mongolia
  • 2007/09 – 2008/05: Marketing executive, Marketing Department, Raffles International Institute in Mongolia
  • 2005/07 – 2007/08: Sales executive, Mongol Corporation LLC (part time job), Mongolia-Japan joint construction project “Four Seasons Garden” district in Mongolia
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