Shengru Li

梅狩り&クスクスParty @広瀬先生宅

Doctoral Student (D3)


Shengru comes from Nantong, Jiangsu Province in China to Tokyo and was very pleased to become a member of the Yamaguchi-Takada lab from autumn, 2013. He acquired his bachelor’s degree in electronics from The University of York, UK but decided to pursue further education in Japan as he is very interested in exploring different possibilities of his future life. Also thanks to the great support and advice from the professors of the lab so that he can join the lab without hesitation.

Although his major during undergraduate course was mainly focused on technical aspects of electronic design and nanotechnology, he has a strong motivation to actively use the skills to help with technological and educational development especially in less developed areas. At the same time he has a particular interest in Japanese language and culture and all these factors make the lab a perfect choice for him.


Make hay while the sun shines



Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering

Research Area

  • Teachers’ perceptions on the utilization of ICT into in-service training and classroom teaching
  • Application and evaluation of interactive learning materials for teacher development in Mongolia


Academic Background

  • The University of York, York, UK (2013)
    • Bachelor of Engineering
    • Major: Electronic Engineering
    • Minor: Nanotechnology
    • Award: First Class Honours BEng Degree

Work Experience/Internship

  • The University of York, York, UK (2013)
    • Student mentor in Department of Electronics









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