Yiqiong Mai

Master Student (M1)


Mai comes from a seaside city in the south of China where people can enjoy warm sunshine, blue sea, and sweet fruits. She studied Internet of Things Engineering during the undergraduate study. At that time she particularly focused on technology itself, but now she is very much motivated to learn more about how to make good use of the technology. Yamaguchi-Takada lab focuses on social development with ICT, which contributes to transferring the interesting technology into constructive one. Mai feels excited to study in this lab with experienced professors and kind lab members.

Tokyo is a colorful and livable city. It is a wonderful place for her to explore and enjoy herself. She is happy to live, study, go sightseeing, and make good friends here. The time she is going to spend in this lab must be sun-shining and fruitful.


Try anything once.


Mai is interested in going sightseeing. She enjoys a lot living in Tokyo because there are a lot of interesting places for sightseeing. For example, there are lots of museums, cultural relics, natural spots, and so on. Going sightseeing during the weekends helps her to have a good rest and do cultural study.


Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering

Research Area

  • The Influence of Interactive Learning Materials on Self-Regulatory Processes and Outcomes of Primary School Teachers in Mongolia



Academic Background

  • Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China (Joint program, 2017)
    • Bachelor of Engineering
    • Major: Internet of Things Engineering
  • Queen Mary University of London, UK (Joint program, 2017)
    • Bachelor of Science (Engineering) with First Class Honours
    • Major: Internet of Things Engineering

Work Experience/Internship

  • Cybersecurity Association of China, Beijing, China (2017)
    • Secretariat
  • BITMAIN Technologies, Beijing, China (2016)
    • Robot Development team, R&D Department









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