Fatemeh Hassani


Master Student (M2)


Fatemeh is a master student of Yamaguchi-Takada laboratory since April 2017. She is from Tehran, Iran. She studied Computer Engineering during the undergraduate study. Her bachelor’s thesis is “Pragmatic Analyzation of formal specification languages”. As changing the academic world she faced with new challenges. She wants to use her engineering background in social and management aspect of science.

Fatemeh, despite having a successful academic and career in computer engineering after graduation from university, decided to utilize her skill in helping the development of developing countries and make a greater impact. She joined  Yamaguchi-Takada laboratory to revel up her career and accelerate her goal of becoming a professor at her Alma mater. The “Global Engineering for Development, Environment, and Society” program at Tokyo Institute of Technology provides the comprehensive knowledge and will help her catapult to the next level of her career and shatter the glass ceiling.


If you believe, you can achieve.


She has been an active person in many volunteer works and has diverse interests, ranging from hardcore science to art fields such as painting, photography, calligraphy, Japanese flower arrangement like Ikebana etc.


Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering

Research Area

  • Application of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in education in the context of international development
    • Factors affecting teachers’ satisfaction on the utilization of ICT



Academic Background

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan(2017 – Present) 
    • Master of Engineering
    • Major: Global Engineering for Development, Environment, and Society
  • Gunma University, Gunma, Japan(2014)
    • Research Student
    • Major: Electronic Engineering

Work Experience/Internship

  • Tehran Municipal ICT Organization, Tehran, Iran (2012)
          • Implementation and Management of cloud platform for Metropolitan-Wide sound and Security-Cam system using open source Linux operating system
          • Suggested Visualization and alert system of functional infrastructure for detection of malfunctioning installed infrastructure and implemented the project using Python and visualization Library










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