Norifumi Irie



Irie has been motivated to study about International Development since he participated in a fieldwork programme, Africa Wild Open-Air Class when he was 16. He learned about the protected culture of people living along with wild animals in Masai Mara National Park. He pursued his study in Material and Life Science Department in Sophia University, where the main objective is to acquire cross-disciplinary knowledge on any scientific expertise. He entered Tokyo Institute of Technology to further continue his study in the field of International Department Engineering.

In his free time, he enjoys surfing and dancing. His other interests include computer programming (Java), language studying (French and English), and science communication (SECP course, London Science Museum Internship, etc.)

Research Area

(1) Visualization of temporal changes of the ponds and wetlands using GIS in Luang Prabang

(2) Mixed-method study on the attitude of people towards ponds and wetlands preservation

Academic Background

  • Sofia University, Japan (2014)
    • Bachelor of Material Science
    • Major: Quantum Mechanics
  • University of California San Diego ESL Program, USA (2013)
    • TOEFL Course
    • AutoCAD for Urban Architecture(s) Course
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