Masaaki Ishihara



Master Student (M1)


I have been interested in international development since I was a child. To pursue my interest, I carried out the research regarding transportation systems engineering in India during the undergraduate course. After joined the student organization “Japan India student conference”, I found that learning a broad range of knowledge with depth on a specific field is needed to realize my dream. This is the reason why I decided to study more in graduate school.

I’m grateful to join Yamaguchi-Takada laboratory. I will work hard and make the most of my time here.


Think ahead


Cooking, Watching rugby football game


Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering

Research Area


Academic Background

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan (2018-Present)

・Masters of Global Engineering for Development, Environment, and Society

Nihon University College of Science and Technologies, Tokyo, Japan (2014-2018)

・Bachelors of Transportation Systems Engineering

Work Experience/Internship







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